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Amazing art by JP Valderrama also known as thefreshdoodle on deviantart.

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This drink I like it. Another!

I love how quickly he readjusts to the culture so foreign to him. Like, he does not even protest or try to explain this is how it’s done in Asgard so it’s how it SHOULD be done because he’s a mighty god and stuff. He’s just like “but I… oh I see smashing mugs is not a custom here. I’m sorry I won’t do it again :( “

A lot of people could learn from this.

Tourists everywhere on earth need to learn from Thor’s example…

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yep that’s exactly how it went

I’m a piece of shit

"Romeo And Juliet" Act I scene I

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"Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering."


Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (via hqlines)


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you know those feels

when you’re so into something

and you just wanna talk about it all the time but everyone else around you would be like wat

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My puppy was making friends when we were stuck in traffic.

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i can’t tell you how many times i’ve spoken up about harassment only to be told to “learn to take a compliment”.  

since when do “compliments” intrude on my space?  what kind of “compliment” makes a person feel unsafe or threatened?

harassment isn’t a compliment.  know the difference.

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